“I Am” Says Armel

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By Dossier Cypher

Since the last time we  interviewed him on Dossier Magazine for my premier music video “Somewhere In America Freestyle”, many things changed. He now have attained management under Emmanuel Gustave; Former INBA Olympia champion out of Ottawa. He has also acquired a full team of artists from all over Ontario working as one unit under the name “The Movement” in order to make their dream a reality.

The Movement is a brand name that properly represents the vision of success that many modern day adolescents refrain from pursuing. “The Movement” defines the dreams that they all held to, regardless of counter opinions that may have arose. They are in its entirety a team of young educated Canadian artists, all from different walks of life, here to spread a message of consciousness in their pursuit of happiness.

Their current means of production is through Hip Hop, Media, and fashion. On the Hip Hop side, they withhold a well-respected local young artist, by the name of Armel, and a talented producer named Kenardo “Nardo” Mclean. Also within their roster they have a promising DJ from Mississauga, by the name of KB. Starting in small parties, KB is now a member of “Music Unlimited DJ Services” making his talent known through “The Movement”. On the fashion aspect of things they have 2 aspiring designers and stylists, Malcolm “Mute” and Zoravar “Maserati”.

Mute and Maserati are experienced in the attainment of high fashion, often getting the attention of professional artists for fashion means. Mute and Maserati are also the designers of the trademark “The Movement” baseball jerseys. On the media side of things they have CJ (Phreshi), who is our network coordinator and last but not the least we also have the pleasure of acquiring a very talented photographer by the name of Siamak. Equipped with top equipment for the job Siamak gives a professional look to The Movement and through The Movement branches out into his own inquiry.

With the launch of “The Movement” He (Armel) has launched an introductory song on soundcloud titled “I AM” that is receiving nothing but the greatest of reviews.

You can find his new song on the link below.


Did You Know Blood Dancer?

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By Dossier Cypher

On Tuesday we got to interview one of the worlds up coming dancers, an enthusiastic body mover who believes that dancing is part of her DNA and that dancing flows in her veins like blood.  Meet Blood Dancer and here is how our interview went.

  • How do you differentiate you as a person and you as an artist? My personal character is more quiet and calm, while my artist personality is more expressive and bold.
  • How did you arrive at your stage name? I haven’t really come up with a stage name yet. But the the one that I have in mind is Blood Dancer because dancing to me comes in like its in my blood. I don’t need to choreograph a dance to perform, I just get out there and I perform to any song.
  • How did you happen to be a dancer how did you discover your talent? Cypher, dancing has always been part of my life, I’ve adored it ever since I was a young child. I started dancing two years ago because I was forced to be part of my community dance group. And after a while I fell in love so deeply with it.
  • Speak about the people who have been supportive to you? My parents are so supportive and thank them so much for that, the members of the group that i’m currently a part of are very supportive as well. My dance trainer has done a lot in terms of molding who I am today.
  • Why did you settle on dancing as an art? My passion for the arts led me to settle on it, I always say to myself, ”Why do something if you aren’t going to give it your all?”
  • What do you want to achieve by dancing that you can’t with any other form of art? Since dancing is my talent, I know I can accomplish a lot with it. I want to be able to perform all over the world. Leaving people in awe and longing for more. While in other arts I am not really sure how far I would reach, because your talent is your strongest value.
  • Who is your role model(s)? My role model is my dance trainer Mr.Anthony Brian, he is an amazing man. His entire world, movements and life rotates around dancing ”just like me” he has traveled the world dancing. He has performed with well known artist such as Celine Dion, Busta Rhymes etc. Wherever and whenever there is an opportunity for me to do a performance he always lets me know and helps guide me through my solo’s.
  • Tell me about your formative period when you were just starting to dance. Beginning any thing for anyone is always complicated, but over time we grow into it. When I started dancing I was the quiet girl who didn’t like to try new things. I would just do what everyone else already knew. When it came to learning new dances I was pretty scared because I was shy. But eventually I developed a passion for it and here we are today.
  • What can you say is the hardest period you have gone through? So far I haven’t really been through any hard periods throughout my years of dancing, but that’s just so far. I don’t know what the future holds but I pray that God works out everything for me.
  • And the happiest moment? Ha! Well the happiest moment is when I performed at my schools pageant, everyone was repping me, I had my family, my dance crew, and after I performed, even people from the audience that I didn’t even know were cheering so loud. It gave me such a wonderful feeling and that I’ll have to say is my happiest moment.
  • Which is the most memorable performance you ever staged? I perform for church functions , and one Sunday we had family Sunday when everyone invited their families. Unfortunately my family couldn’t make it and I was so sad, but I still had to perform. I was dancing ”Take me to the king by Tamela Mann, and when the song was almost ending I dropped on the ground a started crying. Every body was wondering where I disappeared to,  I was crying so bad that people had to come take me of the stage. Then as they were bringing me to the green room, My audience were cheering in joy, and that was the most memorable performance i ever had.
  • Who choreographs your dances? I do majority of my choreographs, but my dance trainer helps some times, in certain parts that need editing and tweaking.
  • Who inspires you? Lucia Garcia and  Anthony Brian are the two people that inspire me the most, the have a fire burning inside that shows how much they love what they do.
  • When and how did you learn to dance? Personally I think everybody can dance, you just have to improve on the skill. So I would say I always knew how to dance but I just needed to improve on my body movement to the tune and rhythm playing.
  • Comment about your dressing style. When on stage, my costumes are usually anything that goes along with the type of song that I am dancing to, but when it comes to like a dance where I run around a lot and do a lot of jumps and acrobatics I will usually wear something that allows air to flow on my body like a sport  attire or something along that line.
  • How do you manage time to deal with, family, friends, fame, money and social life? Well fame hasn’t really been to its highest level as yet, but I get along with pretty much everybody. I don’t really get to socialize a lot because I just began my first year of college, and sadly no i’m not studying dancing. Money is kind of a challenge because college is partially taking a lot away from me with the books, bus, etc
  • How do you find the competition in the field? The competition is really tough, but I am the kind of person who loves challenges so I really don’t mind, hard work and dedication always pays off.
  • How do you handle you fans, some of whom may go overboard in adoring you? Fans! well they aren’t all like over adoring like Justin Bieber and Miley Cyrus and stuff. But they show support, they always encourage me to work harder and tell me how they love me and the person I am and the way I perform.
  • What other activities are you involved with like charity and the rest? I used to be a very athletic teenager, I did basketball, track and field, netball etc. But now I’m focusing on dancing so I dropped all of those to focus on what I am really good at.  I am a member of  interact club at college and we are helping out people in need in whatever way we can even doing fund raisers along side any immediate need that might arise.
  • Tell me about your future plans. I want to become a professional dancer, but first I’ll have to attend a dance school and improve on my talent and skills.Then I would like to make a trademark in the dance world, to be well known like ”Mr. Alvin Ailey” and I want to become one of the best dancers this world has ever seen. I want to thank all my supporters, funs and friends. You inspire me in my day to day life and I will never disappoint you.